Unforgettable Moments

Unforgettable Moments is a podcast about the defining moments in women’s lives and how they shape us into who we are today.

In a world where everyone is rushing to get ahead, how can we pause and appreciate the moments that made us the women we are today?

Unforgettable Moments by Forever New will take us behind the curtain into a pivotal moment of a reputable woman’s life and how it shaped her into the incredible woman she’s become today.

We’ll hear the story behind how this special occasion unfolded. The influence it had on her journey, and why it was truly unforgettable.

Produced by The Peers Project and hosted by founder, Michelle Akhidenor, this four-part series will deep dive into the lives of our guests – from the time they moved out of home, to the night they first fell in love, and the moment they decided to forge their own path.

We hope this podcast will inspire you to learn from the amazing women in your community and make the most of life’s special moments.

Madeleine Buchner


Feb 12 / Episode 01

The Graduate. ft. Madeleine Buchner, Little Dreamers Australia

Little Dreamers Australia is a leading not for profit organization that supports the siblings of sick children and young carers. Go behind the curtain of Madeleine’s high school life to learn how she juggled being a young carer, a business woman, and why her graduation was such an unforgettable moment.

“Graduating from high school made me feel like I was about to step into something bigger” – Madeleine Buchner

Isobelle Dashwood


Mar 08 / Episode 02

Isobelle Dashwood: Leaving the Nest

In this very special International Women’s Day episode, professional Australian ballerina Isobelle Dashwood takes us behind the curtain into a pivotal moment in her life. Listen to the story of her courageous move away from her hometown at a young age, understand how she came to embrace her tall physique in within an industry that’s dominated by uniform appearances, and learn about why she's inspired by the women around her.

Amy Pokovic


May 26 / Episode 03

Amy Pejkovic: My First Passion

Our next guest is elite Australian high jumper and model, Amy Pejkovic. Currently focussed on qualifying for Tokyo's 2020 Olympic games, Amy's accolades include winning silver at the World Youth Championships in Italy and placing Top 10 in the World IAAF Jumping Ranks. Her modelling career has seen her walk at numerous Australian fashion weeks and feature in the likes of Cosmopolitan and Women's Health magazines.

In 2012, while training to qualify for the London Olympics, Amy was diagnosed with a brain tumour. After receiving treatment, the then 19-year-old had to re-learn how to walk, eat and eventually jump again. In this episode, Amy takes us through these pivotal moments in her life, detailing her incredible determination and the inspiring journey to get her career back on track.

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